by Trollband

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Sophomore release from Canadian Blackened Folk Metallers Trollband


released August 17, 2013

To perpetually wander"


Matt Courtemanche
Sam Levitt
David Dobre
Josh Needham
Dan Wilberg
Nick Wilberg

Guest Artists:

Cody Scott - Lyrics and guest vocals - Track 2
Alex Snape - Guest Vocals - Track 2
Nicole Breton Ewing - Guest Vocals - Track 3
Tracking, Mixing, and Mastering - Sam Levitt
Humanjerky Productions, Edmonton, Alberta

Album Art:
Artwork and Design - Kogaion Art (
Cd art - Danille Guavin

1)Blood to the Heartwood
- Composed: Courtemanche, Levitt,Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics: Sam Levitt
2) Ravenous
- Composed: Courtemanche,Levitt, Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics: Cody Scott, Nicole Breton-Ewing, Sam Levitt
-Guest Vocals: Cody Scott, Alex Snape
3) River
- Composed:Courtemanche,Levitt,Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics: Nicole Breton-Ewing, Matt Courtemanche, Sam Levitt
- Guest Vocals: Nicole Breton-Ewing
- Composed by: Courtemanche, Levitt, Dobre, Needham
- Lyrics By: Nicole Breton-Ewing, Sam Levitt
- Composed by:Courtemanche,Levitt, Dobre, Needham
- Lyrics By: Nicole Breton-Ewing, Josh Needham, Sam Levitt
6)Throat of the World
- Composed by:Courtemanche,Levitt, Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics By: Sam Levitt
7)Centuries of Sand
- Composed by:Courtemanche,Levitt, Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics By: Nicole Breton-Ewing, Sam Levitt
8)Roots of the Earth
- Composed by:Courtemanche,Levitt, Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics By: Nicole Breton-Ewing, Sam Levitt
9)The Mortal Soul of Man
- Composed by:Courtemanche, Levitt,Dobre,Needham
- Lyrics By: Nicole Breton-Ewing, Sam Levitt

Made In Canada



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Track Name: Blood to the Heartwood
In the cold of a winters Eve
When all but naught can be seen
The wind speaks out like a voice in a dream
Constantly beckoning
Its urges to keep on moving
To stop would seal my fate
The endless hills on horizons edge
Leads to a final resting place

Darkened surroundings The twisting of trees
Roots stalk through shadows with the greatest of ease

Through the frozen wasteland, and Icy Tundras.
Traversing alone on the edge of a knife.
Ideals and morals all wasted away
Delirium takes you; you’re losing your mind.
Hope is surmounted by grief stricken visions
Of longing for something to take you from here
A prayer is uttered too those hard of hearing
The forest at large seems to draw itself near

To die is just the beginning
Becoming one with the dirt
For your were made of dust
And to the dust you return

Darkened surroundings The twisting of trees
Roots stalk through shadows with the greatest of ease

Your blood it flows to the heartwood
and with it your rebirth
Track Name: Ravenous
Once I was a strapping young suitor
much like yourself I thought only of gold
In days long past was a wealthy land-owner
Growing my power through things bought and sold
I overlooked an important lesson
That life would have taught me If only I'd seen!
A life such as mine had been part of a cycle
and all that I'd bought had a price set for me...
In blood

Like you, I sought only for glory
But glory by gold isn't glory at all
Short youth, none would tell of my story
All that I'd done would mean nothing at all

What was this skin that I’ve come to wear?
Untrustworthy vessel of age and despair!
And thus was I crushed when I offered
The hand of a rich man to young maiden fair

She saw only my decay
She cared not for mountains of gold
Scorned me, my brother to marry
Disgust for a creature so old

That night was the night of the full moon
Deep in the woods did I cry for my doom

She saw only an elder
She cared not for castles so cold
Gods or demons grant me unending vigor
and I shall grant thee all that I own

A voice in darkness crackled like fire
Whispering sinister secrets to me
“Youth eternal you seek to acquire,
and all of your gold cannot cover the fee
His is the hand that holds your desire,
His is the voice that mocks you gleefully
Your brother’s life is the price of this ransom
And all that you ask shall be granted to thee
Drink of his life-giving rubescent nectar
And all that you ask shall be given to thee”

I drank from his blood ridden cup

Seen by she whose lover I supped

I pounced and devoured her carcass
Frozen by horror of what I had done
Possessed by the spirit of orcus,
Unaware of what I’d become

Ravenous! A great winged shadow!
Ravenous! Of feathers and thorns!
Ravenous! To hunger eternal!
Ravenous! Corvid. Deformed.!
Track Name: River
Drifting through the channels , many ages gone
ode to the countless lives within me
In a dream I was a river, Listless and Strong
Proud in my path, for here I belong
At first I was a witness, beholding all that lives
Between us, indifference, all that there is

Filled with the youth to witness it all,
From the grays of winters frost, to the colors of another fall,
thriving life on the river banks; cities growing tall
to me their life did not seem important at all.

My life sprang forth from the Mountains
The roots gave way to my birth,
stretching forth, reaching out bringing life to the earth
In my glory I ruled the land, without a care or fear
Born to give, born to take, born with soul purpose
The cycle of life and death, upon me made no mark
While the rest around me broke, fading with history

Bear witness the worlds of men
rise and crumble
the shattered temples
of religions stumble
life and death have become
one great ensemble
visions of gods so humbled

For the mountains bowed to me,
but as I fade, the path I laid, carves deep and narrow
A great void opens up, into it I was swallowed
plunging to the depths, a labyrinth of sorrow
I become a great force of destruction,
alone in the darkness I am made to crawl through

Drowning in fears of loosing it all,
Pulling through the other side, only to fall.
Surrounding banks growing tall
Until the world cannot be recalled

I witness the world so destructive, crumble
and all that I found to be truth, stumble
Love and Loss have become one great ensemble
and I find myself humbled

Fallen from grace
no light to keep me
suffocating in grief
Desperate in my path
scraping earth with bleeding nails
and death consuming
Deeper becomes -this darkness
with no end or release
Nothing remains of my former self
only the wall set before me
and with my last breath,
when all hope is lost
my wall gives way
I am freed.
I become one with the ocean
finding peace
Track Name: Cavern
to the dreams I go,
where my sins will sow,
as I sink beneath my shelter,

filled with wisdom,
so dark it seems
within them,

I feel the air
around me,
so hard to breath,
I cannot see!

I sense the ground
beneath me,
no end in sight,
for on my journey I am bound.

On the face of nature; I behold a great wall
the expanse immense, and I, humble at its feet

Gazing up high, light reaching down
like stars so bright; through the darkest night,

I hear tongues speak of many worlds,
Flowing with the voices of a thousand words,

I feel the shifting shapes on walls,
And see the words these voices call.

Words now growing louder, a thunderous proclamation
Their howls begin to blend, becoming
One thought in the darkness
Then nothing in the blackness
This outcry in the void was all then gone

Seated in the shadows
Surrounded in muteness
A dim light did wander
Breaking through the stillness
Silence interrupted
A sudden scream
He has been witness

With the lights guidance
I am led further into the earth
A smaller cavern opens up before me

Glowing faintly a solitary pool
Depressed deep within the stone

Into it, a great river does rush
Creating not a splash nor a stir

My hands reaching in, I draw out the water
Peering down with hands held fully open

The water takes shape, a womanly form
and I frightened by her piercing eyes

My hands open up and to the floor she does tumble
screaming as she descended,

Shattered on the floor; the pieces start to gather
The liquid once more flows into the pool

A great noise from behind me, it echoes through the cavern
It leads me away from the fountains glow

A small light bends shadows, I come across a candle
upon a pillar of wax, A companion for the man beside it

Hideous to behold, skeleton draped in rags
with chisel in hand slowly carving words into the stone,

Hollow were his eyes that gazed upon me as he turned,
his monstrous shadow cast upon the wall withered

With curious inclination, I ask for his name

Grinning from under his great beard

And with a sparkle of light within his empty eyes

“Ancient “ he replies.
Track Name: Wither
Soaring through an endless sky
No company to bide my time
On black wings
out stretched
I glide
over all lands; I fly
A former form, a fading mind
Slowly decaying, and yet never dying
hidden within this hollow vessel
a lingering hope
A last purpose to find

Upon a road I find a man,
Bemoaned beside a riverbed
He lost a love, his bride-to-be
And endless joy refrained
Devotion to her vanity
Futile to obtain
A single rose, on a winters night;
The price for her love gained

To give my life, for this young man
For his love and for my peace,
Selflessly I will do this deed
the thorns must pierce deep
Blood will flow with pure intent
Sacrifice will awake the seed,
from death, new life will arise
and the ground below will weep
With quickened zeal he took his prize
Blinded to its true worth
His journey led him to her door
only to find that her love had waned
The rose now withers beneath the snow
The passing fancy has flown
The ravenous soul had been redeemed
though she did not accept the stain.
Track Name: Throat of the World
Whilst roaming under starry skies amidst the barren Country side
twas there that I came face to face with a mountain
Its scowl was cold and shimmering
with plateau; Golden Glimmering
And in that moment I resolved to Climb

I bore into its silhouette
Traversing to the top
What riches lay beyond
I did not know

There were none I could attain
And so I Remained
There at the throat of the world

Figures in the mist Dance behind the foreign rocks
Strewn to and fro, lain by glacial springs
I stoked a fire in fallen trees, to keep the spirits back
Contemplative of what that night would bring

Divine Intervention
I had not been shown
No gods of men Above
and none below

With no comfort less the fire set beside me
my soul lingered on
There at the throat of the world

Awoken by the stench of smolder
The glow it licked my face
The embers danced from branch to branch
as the darkness melts away
Standing on the edge of oblivion
as I peered into the brink
To my world am an apparition
In a place were nothing links

And So I cast my story to the wind
In hope that it does not fall upon deaf ears
Though that night I felt the Darkness Set upon me

To this day I remain
There at the throat of the world
Track Name: Centuries of Sand
Remembering a time when the land was less than barren
When columns and pillars filled the streets in which we Roamed
The cities and people known for miles were things of splendor
Though grew too large and crumbled under weight of their own rule
The bones of ancient dwellings cast upon the northern wind

The Humblest of Stones can have the greatest of Beginnings
Centuries of sand fill the beaches where we Dwell
When cultures of old start to give way and crumble
On wind and the sea are swept to spots away from home

Recanting of a time when on ocean man would travel
On backs of beasts with Dragons Heads to shores for gold to find
A quest for lands sustainable, a country which to thrive
By way of cloth and cross was the source of their undoing
and ashes of their kingdoms blow into the southern seas

The Humblest of Stones can have the greatest of Beginnings
Centuries of sand fill the beaches where we Dwell
When cultures of old start to give way and crumble
On wind and the sea are swept to spots far from home

Through Pebbles the history of man is givin mention
For keen of eye they can be a doorway to the past
The stones that fill our streets will one day fill another
As time goes on
Track Name: Roots of the Earth
The sun whose rays shine in the sky
from the throat of the world to the roots of the earth
in shadow, solitude biding their time
to travel again from the lands of their birth

The old ones, wild ones
Restless and torn,
Their minds have been mired in a deepening anger
For brothers and sisters are hewn at the stump
and carted in bundles to places unknown

The sun who raises the light in the sky
from the throat of the world to the roots of the earth
In shadow, solitude having bidden their time
Roaming again through the lands of their birth

A tribunal of judges
a courtroom that pines
mountains concealing their thoughts of contention
Owing a debt for our self mutilation
To hand down a verdict for all of mankind

Whispers in winds reach the faraway places,
Furthering rumors
Inciting; encouraging; war

Spirits of nature give in to their malice
Traversing the void
So that our conscious minds
may finally meet

The wisest of men
In thickets and brambles
Armed with their Curses and charms
Prepared to lay down their lives
And protect all from harm

The spirits enraged
malignant and sullen
Entangled in Elm, oak and old fir
Set themselves upon man
With spiteful Intent

Encroaching despair
The hour grows dire
Mans ritual has now come to a close
To gather the spirits and
contain them in physical forms

And So to this day
The spirits remain
Trapped in corporeal Form
Once twisted and torn
now essence forlorn
But Mindful of debt that has yet to be paid

When walking through forests that know not thy name
They seem to treat thee with a kind of disdain
For wanderers of old have traveled too deep
I fear that this is a fate waiting for thee
Track Name: Mortal Soul of Man
In the darkness, far into night I awaken
Soggy with dew, mist carpets the ground
The fingers of firs twist together in knots
and reach up to the sky in a great whirl
For a time I wandered through the dark woods
Trusting only my sight on the path set before me
A light from a grove shone out from the shadows
and my heart was yearning…searching…

By the light of the stars, the veil had been lifted
revealing a woman cloaked grey in mist
Through years ever still, for me she’d been waiting
Eye sockets empty peer into your soul
Stood tall at her back the most ancient of trees,
With Men from all time bound to it in slumber
In a grove free from the touch of time
The woman approached, and spoke to me these words

One world
One life
One chance to live

One soul
One fate
One heart to give

One pure
One true
One last embrace

One purpose
One chance
One saving grace

I was brought here in search of hope
Yet hope it seems has forsaken my dreams
for I tried to deny the mortal soul of man

A man from Rome still donning his armor
It was him that I chose to entice from his sleep
His culture has been entwined with our own
A much needed presence, A link to the past
The sorceress grinned and he fell from the tree
and slowly awoke from his state.
And I standing by did rise to his side
To save him from shock
of how the world had changed

But as hard as I tried
I could not describe
The way the world had become
His eyes wept with dismay
while the land cried for change
Through the stories my lips did tell

With hope so dire
And need so great
For fates hand was reaching out
the stakes too high and the hour too late,
To save us from ourselves.

Too great was the mourning of his soul
that this man of hope did deny his involvement.
He desired to be bound to the tree,
so he did not have to see the dying world.