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to the dreams I go,
where my sins will sow,
as I sink beneath my shelter,

filled with wisdom,
so dark it seems
within them,

I feel the air
around me,
so hard to breath,
I cannot see!

I sense the ground
beneath me,
no end in sight,
for on my journey I am bound.

On the face of nature; I behold a great wall
the expanse immense, and I, humble at its feet

Gazing up high, light reaching down
like stars so bright; through the darkest night,

I hear tongues speak of many worlds,
Flowing with the voices of a thousand words,

I feel the shifting shapes on walls,
And see the words these voices call.

Words now growing louder, a thunderous proclamation
Their howls begin to blend, becoming
One thought in the darkness
Then nothing in the blackness
This outcry in the void was all then gone

Seated in the shadows
Surrounded in muteness
A dim light did wander
Breaking through the stillness
Silence interrupted
A sudden scream
He has been witness

With the lights guidance
I am led further into the earth
A smaller cavern opens up before me

Glowing faintly a solitary pool
Depressed deep within the stone

Into it, a great river does rush
Creating not a splash nor a stir

My hands reaching in, I draw out the water
Peering down with hands held fully open

The water takes shape, a womanly form
and I frightened by her piercing eyes

My hands open up and to the floor she does tumble
screaming as she descended,

Shattered on the floor; the pieces start to gather
The liquid once more flows into the pool

A great noise from behind me, it echoes through the cavern
It leads me away from the fountains glow

A small light bends shadows, I come across a candle
upon a pillar of wax, A companion for the man beside it

Hideous to behold, skeleton draped in rags
with chisel in hand slowly carving words into the stone,

Hollow were his eyes that gazed upon me as he turned,
his monstrous shadow cast upon the wall withered

With curious inclination, I ask for his name

Grinning from under his great beard

And with a sparkle of light within his empty eyes

“Ancient “ he replies.


from Samsara, released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved



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