Mortal Soul of Man

from by Trollband

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In the darkness, far into night I awaken
Soggy with dew, mist carpets the ground
The fingers of firs twist together in knots
and reach up to the sky in a great whirl
For a time I wandered through the dark woods
Trusting only my sight on the path set before me
A light from a grove shone out from the shadows
and my heart was yearning…searching…

By the light of the stars, the veil had been lifted
revealing a woman cloaked grey in mist
Through years ever still, for me she’d been waiting
Eye sockets empty peer into your soul
Stood tall at her back the most ancient of trees,
With Men from all time bound to it in slumber
In a grove free from the touch of time
The woman approached, and spoke to me these words

One world
One life
One chance to live

One soul
One fate
One heart to give

One pure
One true
One last embrace

One purpose
One chance
One saving grace

I was brought here in search of hope
Yet hope it seems has forsaken my dreams
for I tried to deny the mortal soul of man

A man from Rome still donning his armor
It was him that I chose to entice from his sleep
His culture has been entwined with our own
A much needed presence, A link to the past
The sorceress grinned and he fell from the tree
and slowly awoke from his state.
And I standing by did rise to his side
To save him from shock
of how the world had changed

But as hard as I tried
I could not describe
The way the world had become
His eyes wept with dismay
while the land cried for change
Through the stories my lips did tell

With hope so dire
And need so great
For fates hand was reaching out
the stakes too high and the hour too late,
To save us from ourselves.

Too great was the mourning of his soul
that this man of hope did deny his involvement.
He desired to be bound to the tree,
so he did not have to see the dying world.


from Samsara, released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved



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