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Once I was a strapping young suitor
much like yourself I thought only of gold
In days long past was a wealthy land-owner
Growing my power through things bought and sold
I overlooked an important lesson
That life would have taught me If only I'd seen!
A life such as mine had been part of a cycle
and all that I'd bought had a price set for me...
In blood

Like you, I sought only for glory
But glory by gold isn't glory at all
Short youth, none would tell of my story
All that I'd done would mean nothing at all

What was this skin that I’ve come to wear?
Untrustworthy vessel of age and despair!
And thus was I crushed when I offered
The hand of a rich man to young maiden fair

She saw only my decay
She cared not for mountains of gold
Scorned me, my brother to marry
Disgust for a creature so old

That night was the night of the full moon
Deep in the woods did I cry for my doom

She saw only an elder
She cared not for castles so cold
Gods or demons grant me unending vigor
and I shall grant thee all that I own

A voice in darkness crackled like fire
Whispering sinister secrets to me
“Youth eternal you seek to acquire,
and all of your gold cannot cover the fee
His is the hand that holds your desire,
His is the voice that mocks you gleefully
Your brother’s life is the price of this ransom
And all that you ask shall be granted to thee
Drink of his life-giving rubescent nectar
And all that you ask shall be given to thee”

I drank from his blood ridden cup

Seen by she whose lover I supped

I pounced and devoured her carcass
Frozen by horror of what I had done
Possessed by the spirit of orcus,
Unaware of what I’d become

Ravenous! A great winged shadow!
Ravenous! Of feathers and thorns!
Ravenous! To hunger eternal!
Ravenous! Corvid. Deformed.!


from Samsara, released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved



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