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Drifting through the channels , many ages gone
ode to the countless lives within me
In a dream I was a river, Listless and Strong
Proud in my path, for here I belong
At first I was a witness, beholding all that lives
Between us, indifference, all that there is

Filled with the youth to witness it all,
From the grays of winters frost, to the colors of another fall,
thriving life on the river banks; cities growing tall
to me their life did not seem important at all.

My life sprang forth from the Mountains
The roots gave way to my birth,
stretching forth, reaching out bringing life to the earth
In my glory I ruled the land, without a care or fear
Born to give, born to take, born with soul purpose
The cycle of life and death, upon me made no mark
While the rest around me broke, fading with history

Bear witness the worlds of men
rise and crumble
the shattered temples
of religions stumble
life and death have become
one great ensemble
visions of gods so humbled

For the mountains bowed to me,
but as I fade, the path I laid, carves deep and narrow
A great void opens up, into it I was swallowed
plunging to the depths, a labyrinth of sorrow
I become a great force of destruction,
alone in the darkness I am made to crawl through

Drowning in fears of loosing it all,
Pulling through the other side, only to fall.
Surrounding banks growing tall
Until the world cannot be recalled

I witness the world so destructive, crumble
and all that I found to be truth, stumble
Love and Loss have become one great ensemble
and I find myself humbled

Fallen from grace
no light to keep me
suffocating in grief
Desperate in my path
scraping earth with bleeding nails
and death consuming
Deeper becomes -this darkness
with no end or release
Nothing remains of my former self
only the wall set before me
and with my last breath,
when all hope is lost
my wall gives way
I am freed.
I become one with the ocean
finding peace


from Samsara, released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved



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