Roots of the Earth

from by Trollband

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The sun whose rays shine in the sky
from the throat of the world to the roots of the earth
in shadow, solitude biding their time
to travel again from the lands of their birth

The old ones, wild ones
Restless and torn,
Their minds have been mired in a deepening anger
For brothers and sisters are hewn at the stump
and carted in bundles to places unknown

The sun who raises the light in the sky
from the throat of the world to the roots of the earth
In shadow, solitude having bidden their time
Roaming again through the lands of their birth

A tribunal of judges
a courtroom that pines
mountains concealing their thoughts of contention
Owing a debt for our self mutilation
To hand down a verdict for all of mankind

Whispers in winds reach the faraway places,
Furthering rumors
Inciting; encouraging; war

Spirits of nature give in to their malice
Traversing the void
So that our conscious minds
may finally meet

The wisest of men
In thickets and brambles
Armed with their Curses and charms
Prepared to lay down their lives
And protect all from harm

The spirits enraged
malignant and sullen
Entangled in Elm, oak and old fir
Set themselves upon man
With spiteful Intent

Encroaching despair
The hour grows dire
Mans ritual has now come to a close
To gather the spirits and
contain them in physical forms

And So to this day
The spirits remain
Trapped in corporeal Form
Once twisted and torn
now essence forlorn
But Mindful of debt that has yet to be paid

When walking through forests that know not thy name
They seem to treat thee with a kind of disdain
For wanderers of old have traveled too deep
I fear that this is a fate waiting for thee


from Samsara, released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved



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